Drawing on many years combined experience in the industry, Aqualla offers a unique range of bathroom components, blending distinctive designs with practicality for both classic and contemporary living.

By specialising in a niche market within this region, not only are we able to offer our customers the very best in product choice, quality and value; with Aqualla, you receive a ‘local’ service from start to finish; from design, marketing and logistics, to sales, customer service and support.

Aqualla Services

"Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything that we do, and why we’re so proud of the service we offer."


The Design Collection

The Lifestyle Collection


Exposed Valve Kits
Slide Rail Kits and Wall Outlet
Concealed Valve Kits


Fuse Collection
Linea Collection
Mirrored Cabinets


Porto Collection
Source Collection
Luca Collection


The Lifestyle Collection

Product Launch Video August 2019

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