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Inspired by amani marble, an elegant and precious stone from spain. Characterised by an intense and deep three-dimensionality, armani marble is a fairly homogeneous dark gray material with thin white veins and is particularly suitable for sophisticated interior furnishings and worktops. Light grey, dark grey and dark brown are the colours chosen for this luxurious collection.

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Design your luxury interiors with a timeless charm. A wide and varied range of collections inspired by the elegance of marble to offer hundreds of solutions for residential areas, hospitality industry and business places. Revised classy marble and granite patterns displaying elegant veins which remodel your spaces, creating sophisticated ambiances. When you chose a marble looking tile collection, you chose the timeless beauty of one of the finest material in nature, combining it with all the advantages of porcelain and ceramic tiles in terms of performance, durability and ease of laying and maintenance.

City Stone

No better way to create a relaxing environment. Rak ceramics reinterprets the ancestral charm of stone and transforms it to one of the most preferred material in contemporary architecture. Solid, durable and extremely versatile, the stone-look tiles have special features and highly attractive visual impact. A traditional mood that is able to define interior design projects with a modern appeal. Rak ceramics’ stone collection is inspired by various types of stone existing in nature and is the ideal choice to create a particularly welcoming atmosphere that suits a sophisticated environment ; giving a sensation of wellness and relaxation.

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We work with RAK for our Tile supply, here is a few of their collections:

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City Stone
Detroit Metal
Evoque Metal

Amani Marble
Calacatta Africa
Calacatta Gold

Fashion Stone
Icon Metal
Lava Concrete

Tile Gallery

Panda Marble
Medicea Marble
Sigur Wood
Circle Wood
Versilia Marble
Revive Concrete XL

RAK Signature Collection

Mix and Match
Are you a rule maker or a rule breaker? Gone are the days of matching everything together, we are living in exciting times with so many different materials and colours available. We already mix furniture or fabrics, why not mix and match our floor, wall and countertop tiles? Signature Collection encourages you to break the rules.

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