Brassware ONLY

We express ourselves through our creations. From the strength of the machinery to the gentlest of polishing, the beauty in creation is such a rewarding experience.
We appreciate that each piece we craft will be used by homeowners as a way of expressing themselves in their dream lifestyle.
We help people shape and personalise their world through the products we offer; Products that are an expression of creative individuality.
Each piece is crafted at the highest standards and comprises of an Electroplated matte finish, which provides outstanding durability and a distinctively bold appearance.

Services Meir Offer


Create the sanctuary of your dreams and treat yourself to opulence every time you use your own bathroom. Meir bathroom fittings combine solid construction, clever engineering, and flawless finishes to craft an unforgettable bathroom experience.



Your kitchen deserves the very best attention with premium fittings. Each Meir kitchen fitting is designed and crafted with precision using beautifully proportioned and high quality components.

Toilet - Holders and Brushes

Reimagine bathroom luxury with a decadent matte black toilet roll holder. Designed and handcrafted to Meir’s exacting standards, these toilet paper holders are the missing piece for your designer bathroom. Place them however you prefer, whether it's a left, right or upright position.



Introduce refined simplicity to your laundry with Meir laundry tapware and fittings. Handcrafted to Meir’s exacting standards, Meir laundry fittings couple functionality and style. Quality means everything in the home. Meir laundry mixers exemplify luxury without compromising on durability. Featuring single easy-to-use handles, Meir mixers and taps allow you to control both water flow and temperature effortlessly.

Hardware and Parts

Achieve practicality and elegance with Meir's range of hardware and parts.


About Meir Black

Meir is an Australian, family-owned company that strives for perfection in manufacturing and service. Our philosophy is based on our primary brand value of “We are family” and our reason for existence to “Help people love their home”. We create each piece from concept to production at the highest standards using DZR brass and selecting only the greatest quality European parts and components from Switzerland, Hungary, and Spain, which allows us to provide an outstanding 10-year domestic warranty.

Since 2012, Meir has built a reputable name in designing and manufacturing premium bathroom and kitchen products which includes showers, tapware and sinks and much more. We take pride in knowing we've contributed to each customers journey of transforming a house into a home and can see how grateful our customers are with not only our products, but the care and commitment that we give unconditionally.

Matte Black Pull out Mixer